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Title:The Cure Free Download HD 720p
Stars:Ahmet Atalay, Elizabeth Swaney, Evangeline Crittenden, Glen Baggerly, Jeremy Rivette, Mashood Alam, Paradox Pollack
Quality:HD 720p

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The Cure Free Download HD 720p a strange infection has assumed control over a huge segment of the world’s population. Upon pollution, it kills the host inside a day. There is no perpetual fix, just a transitory serum that resets each 24 hours. Special powers hired fighter Noah’s young girl is one of the contaminated. At the point when a lasting fix is taken from a highly confidential lab by a secretive fear based oppressor organization, Noah is enrolled to recover it and eventually spare his girl’s life. What begins as an all around hazardous mission transforms into a deathtrap when the psychological militants’ carry fifteen heavily clad vehicles loaded up with a hundred prepared executioner equipped with tons of weaponry with attack rifles, projectiles, and even a rocket launcher. On top of this, the incognito government association that recruited Noah may likewise have ulterior intentions in the fix.

Presently Noah needs to attempt to beat the clock to secure the one thing that can spare his girl’s life as the pursuit transforms into an orchestra of ultraviolent activity loaded up with vehicular carnage, mprove some enhanced visualizations in this film, at that point it would be truly incredible. what’s more, im truly searching forward for the following part. indeed, even its average over 1 hour dramatic adaptationut this one really got me excited with non-stop action  aspecially realistic fight scenes . In this short movie I can clearly see that you are capable of doing impressive things Lots of action, impeccably done action scenes, but when he started firing with machine gun from Porsche I burst out laughing, the ammunition source bullet band looks like a zipper, it doesn’t even move, it looks like a toy. IMDB

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The Cure Free Download HD 720p

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