Deja Vu Free Download HD 720p

Title : Deja Vu Free Download HD 720p
Release : 2006
Country : USA
Stars : Adam Goldberg, Bruce Greenwood, Denzel Washington, Elden Henson, Erika Alexander, Jim Caviezel, Matt Craven, Paula Patton, Rich Hutchman, Val Kilmer
Quality : HD 720p
Genre : Action, English Movies, Old Movies, Science Fiction, Thriller

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list Douglas Carlin (Denzel Washington) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is sent to research and finds proof of a bomb planted by a residential psychological militant. Showing up at the scene he meets with neighborhood examiners and FBI Special Agent Paul Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer), and educates them regarding his discoveries. He finds out about and is welcome to look at a halfway consumed body pulled from the stream, recognized as Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton), which was accounted for to the specialists minutes before the blast.Pryzwarra is intrigued with Doug’s analyst ability, and requests that he join a recently shaped administrative criminologist unit whose first case is to explore the besieging. Driven by Dr. Alexander Denny (Adam Goldberg), they examine the occasions before the blast by utilizing a program called “Snow White”,WIKI

which empowers them to investigate the previous (4 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes, 45 seconds, 14.5 nanoseconds) in detail by (as per Pryzwarra) utilizing a few satellites to frame a triangulated picture of occasions. The framework is constrained in that they can just observe past occasions once; there is no quick sending or rewinding, in spite of the fact that they can record what they find all the while. Persuaded that Claire is a fundamental connection, Doug convinces them to concentrate on her. While the group watches Claire’s past through “Snow White”, the plane considers her to discuss the SUV that she publicized available to be purchased. He doesn’t get her vehicle, yet the “Snow White” group currently knows precisely where and when he was during the call.Doug discovers “Snow White” is really a period window, and can send lifeless things into the past. In spite of Denny’s fights against altering the past, Doug has the group send a note back to his past self with the time and spot to stop the ship aircraft. Rather, his accomplice Larry Minuti (Matt Craven) gets the note and keeping in mind that following up on it is shot by the fear based oppressor. The group endeavors to follow the escaping fear based oppressor, who takes Minuti with him, however he moves outside of Snow White’s range. Be that as it may, Doug can tail him in the current utilizing an uncommonly furnished vehicle with a portable Snow White unit. In the past time, the plane takes Minuti to his sound shack where he kills him and burns down his body. As yet requiring a vehicle sufficiently large to hold the bomb the psychological militant goes to Claire’s location, abducts her and takes her vehicle. IMDB

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Deja Vu Free Download HD 720p

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