All for Nikki Free Download HD 720p

Title : All for Nikki Free Download HD 720p
Release : 2020
Country : USA
Stars : Andrew Bowen, Charlie Saxton, David Castro, Dirk Kingston, Gia Mantegna, Grant Harvey, Luke Brandon Field, Michael Milford, Taja V. Simpson, Teri Polo
Quality : HD 720p
Genre : 2020, Comedy, Crime, Drama, English Movies

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rangement spins around the Singh family in Delhi, who are acclimating to the introduction of their fourth kid, Nikita, or Nikki. At the point when guardians Himani and Avatar Singh come back to work, they ask their three more seasoned kids to help raise their most youthful sister. Dolly, Rohan, and Sunny, do as such while managing run of the mill difficulties looked by youngsters. The situations that develop in every scene become material for a video journal arrangement Dolly is making, which she expectations will one day give helpful guidance to Nikki when Dolly will move out. Toward the finish of every video, she says, “Good luck, Nikki!”.Season 1 rotates around a diligent Dolly, whose life spins around her smash Ritesh, and get undertakings with her closest companion, Parminder or Pam. A famous Sunny continues testing the meddling neighbor Roli aunt, while Rohan and his closest companion Popi deal with their band and attempt to intrigue young ladies. Himani has quite recently joined work after a maternity break, and Avtaar is occupied with his gadgets business.WIKI

Season 2 shows Dolly dating her youth foe Rahul, and Pam begins dating Rahul’s closest companion Jatin. Radiant has additionally begun dating and attempts to dazzle a portion of his colleagues while keeping up his steady tricks, Rohan and Popi get ready to start school, while Himani and Avtaar battle with a developing Nikki and their work.Season 3 follows all the kids who have now grown up, and Himani who is pregnant again with a kid, who they later name Bobby. Avtaar is occupied with work, while Sunny despite everything shuffles between getting captured for his tricks, and secondary school issues. Dolly is presently dating the football commander Ayaan, and Rohan explores different avenues regarding his profession decisions at school. Nikki gets took on a playschool, and they all assistance with raising Bobby. The season closes with Avtaar erroneously setting free a fascinating termite in the house, which separates the house, and the Singh family needs to move out. IMDB

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All for Nikki Free Download HD 720p

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